Pasta Primavera

It has finally started to feel like spring in DC. The cherry blossoms have bloomed; the sun has mostly decided to make its presence known; outdoor happy hours and brunch are popping back up. Since it finally feels appropriate, I wanted to make something springy for our family dinner this past Sunday. Here enters pasta primavera. Nothing screams spring like putting a whole garden on your plate.

I used this recipe from Cooking Classy. Pasta primavera is quite easy to make. The hardest part (well most time-consuming) is prepping all the vegetables. Fortunately, I had assistance from my sous chef, Chris, so we go all the prep work done in half the time. We even had some grapefruit rosé wine to get us in the mood for some spring pasta.


Making this pasta dish at this point was so easy because you don’t even need to worry about a sauce.  While the water was boiling and then the pasta cooked, I made the vegetable medley. I got to capture this gorgeous, colorful pot of veggies with my brand new iPhone XR.


After adding the cooked pasta, this dish comes together nicely with some fresh lemon juice, fresh parsley, grated parmesan, and some pasta water. I couldn’t wait to try this pasta!


My favorite part about this dish was how it made me forget that I was eating pasta. My focus is typically on the pasta when eating a pasta dish, but I couldn’t help but focus on all the vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, carrots, red onion, and tomatoes. I was even eating the vegetables that earlier in my life I was have picked around to avoid eating.  What can I say other than I grew up and gained better taste in food.


This Sunday dinner was a great treat. It was simple and easy to make, but it was bright, fresh, and flavorful. I was wiped out from a hectic weekend, so after this meal I left shortly after to prevent myself from falling asleep at Chris and Andrew’s. I crashed hard when I got home, but I had a container full of leftovers and didn’t need to worry about lunch on Monday. Happy Spring to the Northern Hemisphere!