DC Harvest Brunch

I am kicking off an entire week devoted to brunch starting with a review of my latest brunch out. Last month, I reunited with my friends on my first trip back to DC after a year and a half. Feeling nostalgic for all things DC, I chose a few activities that I knew we could do with the current levels of Covid restrictions at the time. Topping the list was brunch.

Finding a place that could accommodate 10 people outside was difficult, but I landed on a restaurant that seemed promising to fulfill my brunch fix, DC Harvest. Located on H Street, they market themselves as a farm-to-table restaurant, which I am aware is not exactly a unique characteristic. However, I was intrigued by the menu.

What I appreciate about DC Harvest is how often the menu changes. The menu looked quite different between when I first found the restaurant to when we dined to now as I write this review. That’s a sign of a chef who pays attention to what is in season and available and adapts the menu accordingly.

Before food, we stared with a round of drinks. Most of us partook in the bottomless mimosas, while others went for the bottomless Bloody Marys. A couple people also tried the strawberry rhubarb mimosa. I found them to be generous with the bottomless pours, which was greatly appreciated. I came for a DC boozy brunch, and that is exactly what I got. Fortunately, we had some great food to wash down with these mimosas.

A constant in the menu is their cherry wood smoked bacon, a fan favorite according to Bitches Who Brunch who twice named this best bacon in DC. That bacon was consumed by nearly everyone in our party. Thick sliced, it is crispy but still with a meaty chew. The bacon alone is a selling point for the restaurant.

To start the meal, we had two orders of the three cheese fritters sitting on a bed of greens and Old Bay ranch. We all agreed that Old Bay ranch should be a regular fixture in our lives. The fritters were a pleasant treat, with a creamy, cheesy interior with a crispy exterior. A wonderful way to start the meal.

For my entree, I ordered soft shell crab BLT appetizer with a side of smoked potato salad. Although not on the entree menu, I really wanted to try this dish. In mid-May, soft shell crabs are in season, and there is a limited time to consume them. The crab had a light tempura batter with a nice crunch. I enjoyed getting to eat crab without having to do all the work of breaking apart the shell. I got bites of crab with the smoked bacon, grilled romaine, and green tomatoes, which all worked together harmoniously. The potato salad did have a nice smoky flavor and served as a good accompaniment to the crab.

The most popular entree from the group was the Virginia scramble with ham, eggs, and sweet potato hash. The remaining members of the group ordered the grilled Elysian Fields lamb burger, the Belgian waffle, the tofu scramble, and the spring vegetable scramble. I did try a bite of tofu scramble, which had a surprising burst of flavor.

Overall, I was very pleased with our dining experience at DC Harvest. I left having my fair share of mimosas and really enjoyed the food. I heard at least one comment about this brunch being pricy, but I did not find it to be exceptionally so by DC restaurant standards. I would consider having brunch here again.

*This post reflects my honest views. I did not receive any compensation or other incentives to post this review.

DC Harvest
517 H St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 629-3296