Boston University Graduation

I once described Boston as “a city in which I could see myself thriving.” I wrote that in 2019 as I was preparing to move for grad school. Three years, countless hours of work, sleepless nights, and a global pandemic later, I walked across the stage at Boston University this weekend having earned my master’s degree in Gastronomy.

There have been so many times in the past couple years that I doubted I could thrive in this city. So much so, I desperately wanted to move back to D.C. I missed my friends, my community. While I wanted to jet out of town a month ago, I am happy to say I am sticking around and am rather excited about it.

Two weeks ago, I started as new role as the E-Commerce Customer Success Manager at Wulf’s Fish in Boston’s Seaport district. We have this gorgeous, new test kitchen in which I will get to work on some seafood recipes. My desk also have a great view of the harbor.

I also moved to a beautiful studio apartment in Quincy, just minutes from Wollaston beach. One of my favorite things about living in New England is being near the ocean. Now, I can go take walks along the water with little effort, as it is along my daily commute.

I am very much looking forward to this next phase in my life. With the stress of school behind me, I will now be spending my time outside of work writing blog posts as well as some freelance food writing. I am still a bit in disbelief that I can call myself a freelance food writer. When I started this blog in 2018, I never imagined someday people would want to pay me for my writing.

I know I have not been so diligent about posting here, but I am ready to change that. This blog was my passion project that got me out of a very dark place. I got my fresh start in life because of my writing.

I now have a more comfortable kitchen with room to experiment. I actually have the capacity to do more recipe development. So, you can expect to hear from me more often. I have some new recipes coming soon and hopefully will have lots of seafood related food adventures. Please stay tuned and thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years.