Kin – Providence

Don’t you love it with you accidentally find a golden gem of a restaurant? I know I did last night when I happened upon the perfect place in Providence before heading to a Daughtry concert.

Being my first time in Providence, I had no idea where would be a good place to get some food and drinks before the concert. I walked by Kin Southern Table & Bar just moments after they opened for the night. I believe I was the first person there. It looked intriguing, so I took a seat at the bar. I was greeted by the most friendly and welcoming staff.

I ended up speaking to the owner, Julia Broome, for a few minutes before the madness of Friday night service began. This restaurant opened just in March of this year. I loved knowing that this place is Black female owned, and an extra plus, she is a Boston University alum. It was also great to know the owner is out on the floor supporting her staff and interacting with guests.

Tyce, one of the bartenders, hooked me up with some awesome drinks. I started with the Juju juice, their version of rum punch. It was refreshing, not overly sweet, and a great way to start the evening. I especially loved the pineapple themed glass. I am jealous that I do not have these.

Next, I tried the Black Girl Magic, a sparkly spiked lemonade. This drink was so much fun and absolutely delicious. When I go back, I know I am getting another one of these. If you try this drink, don’t forget to give it a twirl for the best effect.

Finally, Tyce had me try the Empress Gin, which was the strongest gin and tonic I have ever tasted. By strong, I mean the botanical flavors were so potent in the best way. This drink was floral and herbacious, the perfect way to end the meal before the show.

Now, I think that I was neglecting the food. I wish I could have tried so many things on the menu, but I settled for just one, the BLT. This is significant, because I have never in my life ordered a BLT, because of my aversion to raw tomatoes. However, I was so enticed by this one with slab bacon and tomato jam. The sliced tomato in the sandwich was perfectly seasoned and melded together well with the tomato jam, romaine lettuce, and homemade mayo. I don’t know if it was the bacon, or in the mayo, but I was definitely getting a wonderful hint of maple. This sandwich defied my expectations, and I don’t think I could ever order a BLT anywhere else.

I still cannot believe I found this place. I think the universe wanted me to try this restaurant. If you are in Providence, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. If you are in the greater New England area, it is definitely worth taking a drive to check out this place. I do recommend making reservations if possible, since it did get quite busy. Please support this awesome establishment. You will not be disappointed.

*This post reflects my honest views. I did not receive any compensation or other incentives to post this review.

Kin Southern Table & Bar
71 Washington St.
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 537-7470