Mac’s Shack Wellfleet

Summer is not officially over yet, much to my chagrin. How I long for the temperature to drop and for all the fall foods to come. Since it’s still hot and steamy out, I figured it’s not too late to talk up the best meal from my recent trip to Cape Cod.

Chris, Andrew, and I ventured to the Cape the weekend before Labor Day. Unsurprisingly, our first activity upon arrival involved eating. We landed at Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet for dinner, a recommendation from my bosses at school.

Our evening began with a glass each of Rose Vino Verde. This wine had a light sweetness, tons of fruitiness, and just the perfect amount of effervescence for a warm summer night. We enjoyed this wine so much while waiting for our table that we ordered a bottle once seated. I would buy a case of this wine. We also started our meal with a half dozen oysters, which were so refreshing.

Mac’s menu is delightfully enticing. We did not order any sushi, but our fellow diners raved about it. Still, this dinner was all about the seafood. I ordered the prosciutto wrapped cod with puttanesca sauce served over creamy grits and sautéed kale. The grits were luscious and irresistible. The light, flaky fish was elevated with the salty, flavorful prosciutto. Each bite was delectable, and the dish was not too heavy given the lightness of the grit preparation. We commented how we’d love to replicate this meal at home.

Chris chose the lobster gnocchi with snow peas, cherry tomatoes, pea tendril salad, and pea puree. A colorful feast, the gnocchi had a nice chew and the lobster meat brought the beach vacation feeling. We appreciated all the fresh vegetables in this dish.

Andrew got broiled scallops with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. These scallops were so tender and practically melted in our mouths. No rubbery overcooked scallops here. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The mashed potatoes also had a healthy amount of garlic.

Even though I am anxious for fall, I would love to be back beachside sipping cocktails and eating all the seafood our stomachs can handle. This was a delightful trip for the Hungry Trio, and we certainly got our fill of good food. We spent most of our time in Provincetown, but this restaurant in Wellfleet was our favorite. Mac’s Seafood has a location in Provincetown, so next time we will have to check it out. Overall, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough.

*This post reflects my honest views. I did not receive any compensation or other incentives to post this review.

Mac’s Shack
91 Commerical Street
Wellfleet, MA 02667
(508) 349-6333