Jetties Sandwich Shop

If you live in DC or even if you are just here visiting, I recommend making a stop at Jetties Sandwich Shop.  Jetties is a small regional chain restaurant with locations in Chevy Chase, Penn Quarter, Foxhall, Macomb, Bethesda, and Downtown DC (on I street).  I have been to a few of the locations, but the one I visit most often is the Bethesda location, as I work just up the block.

The menu here is fairly straight-forward: sandwiches, salads, and a few soups.  There is a list of specialty sandwiches (hot or cold) and specialty salads with seasonal specials.  You can also build your own sandwich or salad.

For sandwiches, I have tried the Nobadeer, Surfside, Still dock, Dream land, Pocomo, Rotary, and a couple of the seasonal specials.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every sandwich I have tried here.  With salads, I normally build my own, but I have had the Straight Wharf (my favorite salad there).  My favorite sandwich normally rotates between the Nobadeer and the Surfside.

The Nobadeer is made with roasted turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce and mayo on sourdough bread.  It is Thanksgiving dinner on a sandwich, and it is served year round.  The tender turkey with the savory stuffing and sweet cranberry sauce is such a treat.  This sandwich is huge. I normally can only eat half of the sandwich in one sitting.


Nobadeer: Photo Credit – The Hungry Lobbyist 

The Surfside also has the roasted turkey, alongside havarti cheese, crispy bacon, avocado, and whole grain mustard on sourdough.   When you get that bite with the turkey, cheese, bacon, and avocado together, it is like a flavor bomb in your mouth.


Surfside: I ate this sandwich today

I won’t lie. Jetties is a bit pricey for sandwiches and salads, but they are very good and worth the occasional splurge spend. Honestly, the prices are not ridiculous for DC standards, but you can get sandwiches for far cheaper at many local delis. The best thing for me about Jetties is the fresh carved roasted turkey breast (used in each of the favorite items I mentioned). Jetties is definitely worth giving it a try.  Check out their menu and stop in for a great sandwich or salad.

*This post reflect my honest views. I did not receive any compensation or other incentives to post this review.

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