White Chicken Chili with Salsa Verde

Since Christmas, I have had a hard time following my new meal plan.  Between parties and abnormal schedules, my eating has been a bit off.  I have especially had a hard time giving up wheat.  It is an incredibly hard to make a change like that, especially while being surrounded by so many tempting foods.  When I am planning and cooking meals for myself, I do a pretty good job.  It’s the unplanned moments that cause me trouble.

This is not to say that I haven’t made progress. I’ve lost 12 pounds in this first month, and I’m starting to gain some strength back.  This is a really good start.  I am trying to focus on my accomplishments instead of the overwhelming amount of work I feel I still need to do.

I have definitely noticed a decrease in my energy again in these past couple weeks where I was not avoiding wheat as much as the first couple weeks.  It made me realize that my diet was really having a poor effect on my energy and health.  Sure, I have been more active recently and have been taking vitamins.  Combined with my new diet, these all had caused an improvement in my fatigue.  I do think though that what food I am putting in my body has such a big impact on how I feel that I need to really give this new meal plan an honest effort.  That may mean making some difficult choices when it comes to food.

NFL playoff season began this weekend.  The playoffs make me want to eat nachos, pizza, and a bunch of other unhealthy foods.  I challenged myself to find dishes that feel  perfect for game day without  breaking my meal plan.

Here enters this recipe for white chicken chili with salsa verde.  This is a recipe I discovered when I was on Weight Watchers in the Spring.  Packed with protein, this chili is only one WW point per cup.  That is very low for such a hearty meal.  It derives a ton of flavor not only from poblanos and serranos, but through a series of warm Mexican spices.  In my version, I replace serranos with jalapenos because I can never find serranos in my main grocery store.  How I miss Texas sometimes! I could always find whatever chili peppers I wanted in HEB.


This chili is fairly easy to prep and is cooked all in one pot.  The chicken breasts are boiled whole in the pot with the peppers and chicken broth and then shredded before returning to the pot.  It is finished off with some salsa verde at the end.  The chili developed some amazing flavors, and I felt good about putting it in my body.  It is simultaneously light and filling.


Chris and Andrew were coming over for dinner.  We devoured almost the entire pot, minus one serving that I took to work for lunch.  I guess you could say that the Hungry Trio was…hungry.  I did end the night with a little bit of a food coma.

To go with the soup, Chris made turnips (yes, really turnips this time).  He managed to find the right root vegetable.  He made them the same way he had made the beets the other week.  It is not that I disliked the beets, but I did like the turnips way better.  We all commented that you could tell that those flavors were all supposed to go together.  I think I need to add turnips into my vegetable rotation.

The playoff game ended, and the Eagles won (boo!) I’m still a little salty about them beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl last year.  The Golden Globes award show started right after the game ended.  We watched it for awhile, and we realized how out of touch we are with the TV world.  Chris seemed to be aware of more, but Andrew and I both commented that we had no idea who most of these nominees were, including having never heard of their TV shows.  I guess I don’t watch as many TV shows anymore because I am always watching Food Network.  I’m pretty okay with that to be honest.  It’s all Food Network and Grey’s Anatomy for this gal.

This healthy chili gave us a great first family dinner of the year.  I cannot wait for more to come!


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