MetroCooking DC 2018

Over the weekend, I got out of the house and went to a cooking convention at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  I fortunately stumbled upon the event page on Facebook for MetroCooking DC earlier in the week or I would have missed it.


I was intrigued by the general premise of it.  There were going to be so many different food venues, tastings, celebrity chefs, demos, etc.  However, what really captured my attention was the offering of a food photography and styling workshop.  Taught by a professional food stylist, this class felt like an opportunity to learn more about plating and food presentation.  I wanted to take this class to help me with my blogging and social media presence.

For $50, I am not sure how much I actually learned about food styling.  I did really enjoy our instructor though.  He was fun and engaging.  I guess I thought there was going to be more instruction.  It just was way more of a do-it-yourself workshop than a class.


I was proud of what I came up with though.  I really loved the canvas I had with the black and white plate.  It was a fun plate to mess around with for the design.  I felt the olive oil made a beautiful shine on the plate.  I played around with different colors and positions with the fruits and vegetables until I found what liked.  It seemed to work! Hopefully, I at least can improve my food photography skills.

I did take one really thing away from this class.  I met a new friend and fellow food lover.  Normally, I go to a lot of these types of things alone.  I am fine with doing things alone, but it always seems like I am the only person there without a friend or partner who came with them.  So, that can feel very lonely.  It is hard to engage with others when they are already engaged with people they know.

This time, I lucked out and had someone sit next to me who was also alone.  We started talking and bonded over our love of food.  Her name is Celeste, and she is a professional pastry chef.  I enjoyed talking to her while we worked on our plates.  It was really cool to meet someone who shares the same interests.  I could tell she was so passionate about food, and I am right there with her.  That was why I was there that day even though it took a lot of effort getting me there.

I had a hard time getting myself out the door and to the convention on Saturday morning.  I am still struggling so much to find energy and motivation to do basic daily activities.  So when it comes to anything outside of that (even if it is something I would really enjoy) it is so difficult for me to expend myself.  That was exceptionally true on Saturday.  I made it to the convention center just in time for the 1:00 food styling class when the convention began at 10:00 am.  I had wanted to get there early and explore beforehand, but at least I made it for the class.

After the class, Celeste and I walked around the convention floor to do some shopping.  There were so many different food businesses present.  We got to taste some coffee, chocolate, pancakes, hot sauce, sausage, and even more!  We even got a taste of some ice cream from Graeter’s Ice Cream.  They had a black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chunks.  What I loved most about this ice cream was the chocolate pieces inside.  When chocolate is in ice cream, it tends to be rock solid, hard enough to break your teeth.  However, this frozen chocolate was solid but smooth and just melted in my mouth.


I am so glad that I got myself out of the house for this.  I got some Christmas presents for family and something that will be great for the annual New Year’s Eve party.  It was an awesome chance to support small food businesses.  I really could have spent all day there.

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