Lofthouse-Style Frosted Cookies

I came across this recipe a couple weeks ago when I was looking for ways to use up egg whites.  I had been using a bunch of egg yolks when I made ice cream and gluten free pasta dough, and I didn’t want to waste all these egg whites.  I wanted to make something exciting, not just some sort of egg scramble.

I found this recipe for Lofthouse-style frosted cookies on an online recipe catalogue for egg white recipes.  Some of you will know what I am talking about right away when I mentioned these cookies.  They are those bright, colorfully iced cake like cookies that you can find in the bakery section of the grocery store.  These cookies were a guilty pleasure of mine during my college years.  The store bought cookies are kind of awful.  They are pure sugar, but at the same time, they are addicting for that very reason.

I made this recipe twice, because of course the first time I wasn’t quite pleased with how they turned out.  They tasted really good, much better than the store-bought ones.  They just didn’t look like the cookies in the blog post. Basically, they didn’t spread as much as I thought they would.  I thought if I tried it again and tweaked it a bit that it would work, but they still didn’t spread.  I honestly am not sure what I am doing wrong because I followed exactly what the recipe said to do.  I am not sure what the author did to get them to spread flat like they did.

What I will say about recipe is that regardless of the shape, it makes delicious little cookies.  I even took this chance to mess around with my food coloring gels to turn these into a festive treat in honor of Thanksgiving.  I took the copper food coloring and mixed with a little bit of brown to get that earthy tone, and then I topped it with some fall-themed sprinkles.


I made these little gems to share a sweet treat with my office mates before the holiday.  I am taking them to work in the morning, so I hope they enjoy them!

Update:  The cookies are a smashing hit at work today! No one really cares how they look because they don’t know how they were supposed to look.  They just love that they are cute and taste great. 🙂

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