Truffle-Making Class at the Chocolate House

The Chocolate House is a small chocolate boutique in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC.  Sitting in an English basement, this small business sells chocolate bars and truffles from around the world.  They also have chocolate tasting classes and truffle-making classes.

I booked a truffle-making class for $49 using a Travel Zoo voucher (normally $75 through the Chocolate House).  These are small classes, so if you have a date in mind in which you’d like to attend a class, you better book early.

I arrived a bit early for my class, so I got to look around for awhile.  The boutique is small with a limited number of products.  The chocolate they do have in stock is clearly high quality.  There are different flavors and types of chocolate.  I was intrigued by how  much dark chocolate was there (which is the best chocolate in my opinion).


As one might expect when hearing the term ‘chocolate boutique’ the products sold here are rather expensive.  Most full-size chocolate bars sold here (avg. 2 oz) were at least $10.  I even saw a fancy s’more set, which cost $20.  I thought it was very cute, but I would not pay $20 for a couple marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.


The odd thing I felt about the storefront was that the person running the store had little to no idea about any of the products, the classes, or really anything regarding chocolate. He said he doesn’t even like chocolate.  I found this concerning until I realized that he doesn’t really work there.  His neighbor owns the store, and she asks him to help out occasionally.  I do not blame him for any of this, but it is off-putting to be in an establishment and the person in charge has absolutely no idea what they are doing.  If that were my business, I wouldn’t want to leave it in the hands of someone like that.

The person running the class, however, was very knowledgeable.  He did a great job teaching the class.  I ended up without a partner because I was the only person who wasn’t there with a friends or significant other.  The instructor ended up helping me out on the final part where we needed two sets of hands.


We got to choose what flavorings to put in our chocolate.  I chose a coconut chai and also ancho chile.  The flavorings go in the heavy cream before boiling.  I emptied the entire contents of the tea bag into my heavy cream and added a few sprinkles of ancho chile to give the chocolate a little bite.

Once my heavy cream was boiled, I added the hot cream to the chocolate pieces to make the ganache that will be the filling for the truffles.  At this point, we had to wait around for awhile for the ganache to congeal.  I wish I had known that there would be this down time.  Being the only one not paired up, it was kind of boring and lonely just sitting there without someone to talk to, especially because everyone else was hanging out with their partner.  However, I do like doing things like this on my own, so I just went with it and patiently waited.


The rest of the process was incredibly messy.  This included rolling balls of ganache, melting more chocolate, having the melted chocolate poured into my hand and rolled over the ganache balls, and then rolling the balls in cocoa powder.  It was neat, but incredibly messy.


I was surprised that I enjoyed these truffles as I did.  I do love chocolate, and ganache is dreamy.  However, I am not a big fan of anything dressed in cocoa powder, because it is so bitter.  If I were to make truffles again on my own, I would a different decoration.  Though, I can say that it is just the initial bite or taste of the truffle that is super bitter.  Once you get into the truffle, that goes away and you are left with the texture and flavor of the ganache.


I would recommend this class to anyone interested in dabbling in chocolate-making.  The voucher definitely made this more worth it.  Plus, it made me more willing to spend money in the shop after the class.  This is a cute little business.  It has some quirks, but overall, I am glad I supported this place with my business.


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