Shiloh Grill – Mt. Washington

I am not going to lie; I am still incredibly confused over this next restaurant.  It’s called Shiloh Grill, but when you pull up the website, it is called Harris Grill.  There are three locations listed, one of which is the location on Mt. Washington we visited.  I am just not sure what is up with the name.

I got this recommendation from my Aunt Cris, who lives in Pittsburgh.  We made a reservation for Sunday night to finish out our time in Pittsburgh.  The menu looked good at first glance, but I was not prepared for what we experienced.

The menu descriptions could not have been more Pittsburgh if they tried.  Take for example, the Salad de la Burgh: “This Pittsburgh staple with fries, shredded provolone and mozzarella cheeses, and grilled, marinated chicken tenders.  Doesn’t this just cry out for Ranch?  Ask about upgrading to USDA Choice ‘Burgh Steak Salad.”  Like I said in my post about Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh loves a good french fry on their salad.

I wish I could show you their cocktail menu.  Those had the funniest descriptions of all.  I didn’t want to stop reading the cocktail menu, which made it hard to pick a cocktail I actually wanted to drink.

I was looking forward to this dinner, but by the time our reservation rolled around, I was over it.  My friends know that I love them, but I think many of them also know I can only be around the same people for so long (or really just people in general).  It had been a long 24-48 hours together, and I didn’t really have much down time or alone time.  I just wanted to crawl into bed and be alone for awhile, but I tried to put my social face back on to get through dinner.

Our waitress that night was amazing.  She came out ready to go and was instantly like our best friend.  She was energetic, friendly, and very knowledgable about the menu.  Having a good waitress can really make the difference in a dining experience.

I ordered the chip & dip burger with macaroni and cheese as the side instead of fries.  I was going to get fries, but the waitress talked up the mac and cheese so much, I went for that.  I had just had mac and cheese the day before, but is there ever such a thing as too much mac and cheese?


Given the sense of humor of this restaurant and the lovely wait staff, I wanted the food to be in a league of it’s own.  Sadly, I was disappointed.  I did like the pretzel bun from my burger, but I would not be surprised if these were not house made.  I like the chip dip on the burger, and I felt it was a unique choice.  However, the burger itself was not good.  I ordered it to be cooked to medium temp.  What I got was so well-done, it was basically a hockey puck.  the entire outside of the burger was charred and the burger tasted burnt.  There was zero pink inside.  When I eat a burger, I don’t want to eat burnt beef.  I want to actually taste the beef.  It was so disappointed to be so excited for a menu and then be delivered mediocre food.

The issue with this burger is that it is a large, thin patty.  A patty of that size can’t be cooked for very long, or it will get well-done very quickly.  I wish the chefs were more cognizant of how they were treating this ingredient.  It wasn’t just my burger that was like this.  MJ also ordered his burger medium, and it was also a hockey puck.  The burgers just weren’t good.  I don’t know if you can get a properly cooked burger here.

I did like the mac and cheese, but not nearly as much as the mac and cheese from Twelve Whiskey.  They did also use the cavatappi pasta, which I like.  The cheese sauce though tasted more like processed cheese sauce than a good real cheese sauce.

My meal ended up matching my feelings.  I just wanted it to be over with and go on to my aunt’s house.  I really wish that the food had been better, but it fell flat for me.


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