S’mores Brownies

Alright, everyone.  I have to tell you about a fantastic recipe from Blue-Eyed Bakers, S’mores Brownies! I found this recipe when I was searching for ideas of what to make with the graham crackers I brought home from Deep Creek Lake.  I was thinking of making a graham cracker crust to make cheesecake, but honestly, I was still in a mood for s’mores.

Since leaving home, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have had a s’mores (a favorite childhood treat).  Living in a small town in a fairly rural area, backyard campfires were a summer (and early fall) staple.  I often had bonfires for my birthday (which is in early October).  I even gave one of my friends her first s’more when we were sixteen.  I still can’t believe that was her first one! (Shout out to Ilana!)

Not all of my s’more memories are good though.  When I was about five years old, my sister actually caught me on fire when we were making s’mores at our grandma’s house.  I was fine (thanks to my aunt tackling me to the ground).  It is now just a funny story to tell.

I have to make a confession.  I made this recipe twice because the first result was less than visually appealing.  I made a huge mistake of treating the chocolate graham cracker topping like it could be spread like frosting.  Wrong.  I was completely disregarding the fact that I was spreading melted chocolate onto gooey melted marshmallow.

The recipe tasted delicious both times, but I learned from my mistakes when I made it the second time.  Here is my advice to get the best out of this recipe.

  1. Cook the brownies for 15 minutes at 350.  They will turn into this gorgeous light brown color.


2. After spreading out the mini marshmallows, bake again for just 3 minutes.  The more the marshmallows puff up, the harder it will be to spread the topping.


3. Make sure the marshmallows have at least give minutes to cool.  Take the slightly cooled chocolate graham cracker mixture and lightly lay little scoops at a time, covering all areas.  You will be able to spread a little bit, but not much.  The marshmallow layer is too squishy to spread too much without combining the chocolate and marshmallow.


My mistake the first time was dumping big scoops of the chocolate mixture on top and trying to spread it around instead of dropping it down a little bit at a time.  This way I was actually able to get the distinct layers of the brownie, marshmallow, and the chocolate topping.


This was such a great dessert! Every time I ate one (especially in the second batch) I could not get over the distinct textures you get from each layer.  When you first bite down you get a little bit of crunch from the graham cracker pieces in the chilled chocolate.  Then, you immediately get that gooey feeling from the marshmallow center.  The last thing you get is that brownie bottom with the additional texture of the chocolate chips.  I have not seen so much going on in a brownie and have it all work together so well.

If you are still hanging onto those summer flavors or want to surprise your guests at your fall parties, make these brownies.

First batch vs. second


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