Strawberry Cobbler

I found this recipe for old fashioned strawberry cobbler on a blog called, Gonna Want Seconds, and the name of this blog is not misleading.

I was on a search for a strawberry cobbler or crisp recipe last week.  I got overzealous again and bought too much fruit at the grocery store.  Now, I eat a lot of fruit (typically 2-3 servings a day) but as a single person it can be hard to get the variety of fruit I want in a week without losing a bit of good produce.  I try really hard to not do this, because I feel so bad about wasting food.  When I realized I was not going to be able to get through the mandarin oranges, blackberries, a bag of cherries, and a large container of strawberries, I had to get creative.

My first thought was strawberry cobbler.  I had never made cobbler with strawberries, but it sounded like a great idea to quickly use that container of strawberries.  I searched around for a few recipes and landed on this one from Gonna Want Seconds.  I was intrigued by this recipe because it looked beautiful in the pictures, and also because I had almost all the ingredients already in the pantry.

Now, I will admit.  I did not go to the store to go buy that last ingredient (instant tapioca) and I think that is perfectly fine.  In fact, I would advocate for taking this action.  The thing about recipes is they can often be adjusted to be made with what you have already.  In this recipe, tapioca is used as a thickening agent for the fruit.  I have never made instant tapioca before, and I don’t really see myself doing so in the future.  There was no reason for me to go buy tapioca to use 1/4 cup when the rest of it will probably just sit in my pantry.  Again, I am all about reducing food waste, and yes, non-perishable items do contribute to food waste.

I had tapioca flour in my pantry.  I use this when I make pao de queijo (which as these delicious gluten free Brazilian cheese breads).  Instead of using instant tapioca, I used one tablespoon of tapioca flour and two tablespoons of corn starch.  It worked perfectly.

I also did not quite have enough strawberries to make three cups.  I waited a few days too long to make my cobbler, and unfortunately lost about a 1/3 of the strawberries.  I did still have a good bit of cherries left, so I used two cups of strawberries and one cupe of cherries.  These are two fruits that go together well.  I also had a container of Turkey Hill black cherry ice cream in the freezer, so I figured that would pair nicely with this dessert.

This cobbler was very easy to prepare (and honestly cobbler should be).  I put it in the oven and went back to the couch to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  As the cobbler was baking, my apartment filled up with this glorious scent of butter melting into flour.  That smell was divine.


The taste was even better.  This was a fantastic treat for a Saturday night (especially served with a glass of rosé).  I spent the whole weekend at home, just focusing on sleep and my blog.  I don’t make desserts too often unless it’s for a party or something because I can’t eat a whole dessert by myself.  This cobbler recipe is perfect though, because it makes four servings.  Cobbler is something that saves relatively well and can be reheated or eaten at room temperature.  It is also a great way to use up fruit you think it going to go bad soon.  If you are looking for a good cobbler recipe, check out this one!  You really can use any fruit you want.  The strawberries and cherries were delicious though.


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